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Technology never stops, so neither does tech logistics. Machinery and digital technology with precise construction and intricate structures continue to pose monumental challenges for those in the shipping industry, but rising to the challenge is the only way to keep up with the growth in tech. As new technology has to reach new audiences, so too do logistics experts and masters of shipping have to discover and conceive new ways to ensure on-time delivery of technological goods in pristine condition.

Companies like ours that offer electronics transport must be ready for a multitude of different kinds of shipments from companies of endless specializations. Shipping equipment could mean moving massive amounts of delicate smartphones to distribution headquarters one day, then mean transportation of power-saving technology to high-consumption areas the next day. No two jobs are ever the same – but that’s the way we like it at Global Shipping Services.

How do we manage to keep making successful shipments with ever-changing logistics requirements? An unwavering dedication to successful transport, that’s how. Our electronic equipment shipping services are ideal for:

  • Getting a brand-new tech product to market as quickly as possible
  • Pulling fragile electronic parts to remote areas
  • Shipping electronics to tech companies and research facilities

It takes attention to detail to design and build the technology that makes our modern world so efficient. We respect that level of commitment and care, so we provide the same when shipping. Transportation of technology takes unmatched logistical mastery – and we’ve got what it takes at Global Shipping Services.

We do all kinds of industrial shipping. Explore our service areas to find out more.

Technically Superior Logistics for Superior Technology

Global Shipping Services gives you a dedicated team of tech logistics specialists that have some of the most advanced shipping industry tools and network connections in existence. When you put your trust in us to transport for you, you get:

  • Dangerous goods & hazardous materials coverage – No matter how advanced the materials in your technology, we can ship it.
  • Access to our 24/7 tracking portal – Don’t miss a step of the shipment with 24 hours a day, 7 day a week tracking.
  • Import and export documentation handling – Let our worldwide network take care of even the most minute detail of your global transport.
  • Access to heavy haul and specialty vehicles – And an unbeatable team of true shipping experts to back them up.

We Take on Transportation of New Technology with Traditional Values

Shipping means something to us. Our dedication to quality transportation is so true that, on average, Global Shipping Services team members have accrued 15 years of experience in the shipping industry. Not only that, they have worked through the toughest jobs side by side for an average of 10 years, and you can see it when they communicate and collaborate to make sure they are all shipping electronic equipment with the ideals of the Global Shipping Services name.

Superior customer service is a go-to claim for companies that want to set themselves apart. Global Shipping Services actually has it. We put real people behind your very real shipments and make sure that you have access to those people when you need it. Questions, comments, and suggestions are warmly welcomed, and we keep our phones on as often as we can.

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What Our Clients Say

“We have complicated international shipping requirements and tight schedules to maintain, GSS has always gone above and beyond to meet these requirements and ensure we have the information needed to keep things running smoothly”

Cameron Kehm
Director, International Operations, OSG Lightering LLC

“In my 16 years of service to industry, I would highly recommend this company as a reliable broker and shipping company to cover any logistics scenario that could arise with professionalism, attention to detail & accuracy. Our representation has been nothing but superb from Global whether a simple shipment is brokered through customs or multiple containers are negotiated to our project sites direct from Germany this company delivers on time at competitive rates every time.”

David Zinke
Senior Project Engineer, Geda USA Elevator & Material Lift Company

“Presmer has been working with Global Shipping for over 3 years now and the service they provide is excellent. They go above and beyond the call of duty to ease your shipment hassles. They take the frustration out of the process with their knowledge and relationships. Forever grateful.”

Annsley Popov
Founder, Presmer

“This company truly puts the customer first. They are always ahead of issues and their follow-up and communications with us has been exemplary. They made what used to be a horrific part of our work, something that is now almost effortless.
Thank you for having the highest work ethic, great industry knowledge, reasonable rates and uncompromising customer service. We appreciate you!”

Les Bloom
President, Superior Building Supplies

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