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Healthcare is a gigantic industry that uses gigantic equipment. The machines that monitor you in critical condition and the beds that nurse you back to health are fragile. They’re also precisely constructed, especially those pieces of medical equipment designed to scan, watch, compute, and analyze how your body is functioning on the inside and out. When you need to get all of that delicate equipment to its destination in one piece and in working order, count on the years of experience and unmatched confidence of the medical equipment shipping services offered by Global Shipping Services.

For the surgical room, you might need to ship operating robotics, laser imaging machines, or equipment stations. Accurate diagnoses might require x-ray machines, MRI machines, CT scanners, and ultrasound machines. Hospitals need hospital beds, dentists’ offices need dental chairs, and research centers need laboratory equipment and incubators. There’s a host of medical equipment that needs shipping designed to both move and protect cargo.

The challenge of moving medical equipment is keeping it as untouched as possible so that it can save and improve lives. Our medical transport services are ideal for:

  • Hauling fresh hospital equipment in volume to a new hospital
  • Getting advanced medical machines and items to emergency areas
  • Carrying donated equipment to locations in need of help

Just as a skilled surgeon needs a steady hand to operate successfully, so does a transportation specialist need one to ensure on-time and secure delivery of medical equipment. Transportation and delivery services make nationwide and worldwide healthcare possible, but it has to be done right.

We do all kinds of industrial shipping. Explore our service areas to find out more.

Get Your Goods There Stat

Your dedicated team of health care logistics specialists works with some of the most powerful shipping industry tools and connections available. When you trust us with your medical equipment delivery service needs, you get:

  • Access to our 24/7 tracking portal – Sleep soundly knowing you can monitor the progress of your shipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Multimodal transport options – We ship over air, sea, and land with some of the most trusted shipment professionals in the business.
  • Local and state permitting protection – Don’t worry about emergency landings for permitting; we’ve got it covered.
  • Access to heavy haul and specialty vehicles – Every piece of medical equipment is precious, so we use the right vehicle for each one.

We Believe in Health Care

Global Shipping Services employees have taken on shipping jobs for an average of 15 years per person, a huge jump from the retention and experience of most industries. The majority of them have been working next to one another for 10 of those years, and it shows in the remarkable teamwork that makes our company stand out in a crowd of shipping industry imitators.

It’s easy for business owners to promise that their customer support is the best, but it’s not so easy to deliver on that promise. At Global Shipping Services, we deliver on our contracts and our promises. Call one of our representatives for on-the-spot information and to make changes to your delivery – even if it’s mid-shipment. Voice questions and concerns to our friendly staff and get the answers you need at the drop of a hat when you trust us with your medical equipment transportation and shipping.

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Want to find out more about our medical transport services? Get in touch with us at Global Shipping Services today and let us know what kind of and how many medical items and machines you need to be loaded or unloaded and to where. Once we receive your information, we’ll brainstorm with you what services you may need and give you our most accurate estimate so you can start your next big shipping project with a whole lot less worry.

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What Our Clients Say

“We have complicated international shipping requirements and tight schedules to maintain, GSS has always gone above and beyond to meet these requirements and ensure we have the information needed to keep things running smoothly”

Cameron Kehm
Director, International Operations, OSG Lightering LLC

“In my 16 years of service to industry, I would highly recommend this company as a reliable broker and shipping company to cover any logistics scenario that could arise with professionalism, attention to detail & accuracy. Our representation has been nothing but superb from Global whether a simple shipment is brokered through customs or multiple containers are negotiated to our project sites direct from Germany this company delivers on time at competitive rates every time.”

David Zinke
Senior Project Engineer, Geda USA Elevator & Material Lift Company

“Presmer has been working with Global Shipping for over 3 years now and the service they provide is excellent. They go above and beyond the call of duty to ease your shipment hassles. They take the frustration out of the process with their knowledge and relationships. Forever grateful.”

Annsley Popov
Founder, Presmer

“This company truly puts the customer first. They are always ahead of issues and their follow-up and communications with us has been exemplary. They made what used to be a horrific part of our work, something that is now almost effortless.
Thank you for having the highest work ethic, great industry knowledge, reasonable rates and uncompromising customer service. We appreciate you!”

Les Bloom
President, Superior Building Supplies

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