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Chemical Transportation & Logistics

Those who manage logistics in the chemical industry must constantly stay up to date with ever-changing federal, state and international regulations. Truck drivers, freight forwarders and others involved in the shipment of chemicals must be specially trained to handle cargo that can combust, contaminate or spoil other shipments instantly.

Many in the chemical industry choose to outsource their shipment needs to chemical transportation companies in an effort to save time and money. Logistics providers and freight forwarders can help companies effectively and efficiently navigate the myriad of regulations and find the qualified and reliable carriers to manage their cargo. Outsourcing can save chemical companies a great deal of time and money that it comes to continuously recruiting, educating, training and retaining employees that can properly manage the shipping of your chemicals. Whether you require the domestic or international delivery of chemicals by air, land, sea or rail, Global Shipping Services has the expertise and resources to manage your transportation project.

Why Use Global Shipping for Your Cargo Transportation?

  • Certified to handle hazardous materials (hazmat certification) and hazardous containers
  • Dangerous Goods certification from IATA (air freight)
  • Hazmat documentation, labeling and packing
  • Track your cargo through our 24/7 tracking portal
  • Transportation by truck, air, ocean or rail
  • Total logistics management
  • Access to a global shipping network
  • Management of import and export documentation
  • Unwavering high standards for customer service

About Global Shipping Services

Global Shipping Services is an international freight forwarding company that is known for shipping what others can’t. We specialize in commercial and industrial shipping, and dealing with tough-to-manage cargo like oversized freight and hazardous materials. We provide worldwide shipping services as well as domestic transportation services by waterway, rail, truck, air and even multimodal transportation. We also manage your cargo insurance, warehousing and shipping documentation. We’ve been a leader in the shipping industry for over a decade, and our team members bring over 15 years of experience, which allows us to conquer any variety of logistical challenge.

We are members of global freight forwarding networks such as Lognet and the WCA Family which allows us to provide flexibility and competitive pricing to our clients. As our clients’ testimonials will reflect, we are known for providing exceptional customer service and go the extra mile to ensure that cargo is managed properly and deadlines are met, whether that means coordinating with transportation authorities or dealing with complex international shipping requirements.

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Contact Global Shipping Services to learn more about how we can make the transportation of your chemicals more efficient and cost-effective. 

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What Our Clients Say:

“We have complicated international shipping requirements and tight schedules to maintain, GSS has always gone above and beyond to meet these requirements and ensure we have the information needed to keep things running smoothly”Cameron Kehm
Director, International Operations, OSG Lightering LLC

“In my 16 years of service to industry, I would highly recommend this company as a reliable broker and shipping company to cover any logistics scenario that could arise with professionalism, attention to detail & accuracy. Our representation has been nothing but superb from Global whether a simple shipment is brokered through customs or multiple containers are negotiated to our project sites direct from Germany this company delivers on time at competitive rates every time.”David Zinke
Senior Project Engineer, Geda USA Elevator & Material Lift Company

“Presmer has been working with Global Shipping for over 3 years now and the service they provide is excellent. They go above and beyond the call of duty to ease your shipment hassles. They take the frustration out of the process with their knowledge and relationships. Forever grateful.”Annsley Popov
Founder, Presmer

“This company truly puts the customer first. They are always ahead of issues and their follow-up and communications with us has been exemplary. They made what used to be a horrific part of our work, something that is now almost effortless.
Thank you for having the highest work ethic, great industry knowledge, reasonable rates and uncompromising customer service. We appreciate you!”
Les Bloom
President, Superior Building Supplies

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