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Texas to India on a Deadline

Moving multiple large / heavy compressors and coolers from Texas to India on a tight deadline



This project, like many others, was burdened with time constraints resulting in the need for precise execution of logistics and planning. Shipper was located in a remote location in South Texas and destination was over 9,000 miles away and across the Atlantic Ocean. Units contained many fall off pieces that required special attention.



Origin: Sweeny, TX

Destination: Mumbai India

Timeline: 4 days from pickup to delivery

Texas to Mumbai

Contents of move:

  • 3 Sets of Natural Gas Compressors & Coolers
  • 1171 r/t, Heaviest Piece 70MT
  • Compressors: 448″x212″x141″ / 70 MT each
  • Coolers: 293″x156″x183″ / 17 MT each



Utilizing our local partners we were able to mobilize three heavy duty oilfield winch trucks. Making best use of this equipment allows us to load cargo without the assistance of cranes therefore speeding up the load out process.



Delivery to port, crating/skidding, shrink wrapping all completed with in 4 working days. The project was completed on time and without issue.




70MT Cooler loading to Yard Mule. Will transfer directly 8 axle winch truck, no crane assist required.

Case Study B-1

Winch truck lining up to transfer compressor from yard mule

Case Study B-2

Transfer of Compressor onto 8 axle transport trailer

Case Study B-3

With the compressors being 70MT and over 17’ wide, and Coolers @ 15’ Tall police & escorts were required to move unit from shippers facility to Port of Houston. Units being offloaded at Port of Houston

Case Study B-4

Loading Compressor to Mafi for ro/ro shipment aboard vessel Saudi Hofuf Unloading Cooler at Port of Houston

Case Study B-5

Units contained many fall off pieces that required crating, skidding & shrink wrapping at the port.

Case Study B-6

Compressors and coolers were also shrink wrapped to protect during the ocean voyage 3

Case Study B-7

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