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Same-Day Compressor and Cargo Delivery

Global Shipping Services took on the monumental task of moving extra-heavy cargo crates accompanied by compressors and a booster unit from port to destination in Point Comfort, TX.


The cargo involved was a combination of heavy equipment, including:

  • 2 compressors at 218,000 kilograms each
  • 1 booster unit at 56,700 kilograms
  • 164 additional crates with miscellaneous cargo ranging from 200 kilograms to 50,000 kilograms each


At the docks, all cargo that was discharged each day had to be delivered to the plant the same day since there was no storage allowed on the dock. That means that the Global Shipping Services crew needed a way to get started working immediately and be able to work through the evening so that there were no delays in delivery.

Additionally, the cargo was exceptionally large and heavy. Global Shipping Services had to coordinate the use of specialized cranes to keep the workflow at its maximum potential. It also meant they would need additional help coordinating with the proper authorities to ensure that delivery trucks could continue to push their cargo forward as they approached the destination.


Prestaging was the key. All personnel, including truckers, stevedores, surveyors, GSS, and vessel personnel attended safety meetings prior to staging the loading area. Before discharge operations began, the trailers were prepared to receive direct cargo and goods from the dock.

With a bit of extra preparation, cargo moved quickly and seamlessly following the commencement of discharge operations. The crew was also able to work until 8:00 pm using mobile lights to provide illumination for labor and transportation, which helped meet their single-day loading deadline.

A rigging crew equipped with a 4-point hydraulic gantry and cranes received the loads. To make sure that delivery continued smoothly after loading, VP of Projects Paul McAuley and Projects Manager Brandon Graddy stayed on-site to coordinate.


The loading and delivery could not have gone more smoothly. Thanks to careful planning before loading and unloading, the Global Shipping Services crew overcame storage limitations and commenced work as soon as U.S. Customs boarded and released the shipping vessel.

The entire operation moved perfectly from start to finish. The experienced shipping experts at Global Shipping Services used their strengths to their advantage to ensure another successful and safe large-scale delivery.


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