The Future of the Project Cargo Industry

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As the industries relying on project cargo continue to grow, so do the challenges cargo logistics face. There has been a persistent increase in demand for the project cargo sector from industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and energy. In order to meet the growing demands from industries relying on project cargo, logistic and transportation solutions now have a greater need for comprehensive, efficient, and digital answers to streamline processes.

The stabilization of the oil and gas industry has prompted an urgent need for oil and gas equipment and a way to transport the complicated necessary tools across the globe. Similarly, the traditional growth drivers for oversized air freight transport, such as aerospace, automotive, and humanitarian industries have seen a steady growth of demand. The project cargo industry must develop new ways to meet the growing needs of the industries that rely on it and keep up with the technological developments simplifying project cargo logistics.

Issues the Industry Faces

In order to stay competitive and provide trustworthy answers to transportation, the project cargo industry must rapidly build innovative strategies and implement new technology. In today’s digital world, reliability and dependability drive consumer retention. While there are many factors that plague the project cargo industry, below are the most common obstacles to overcome in order to stay successful.

  1. Fuel costs – The most pressing issue project cargo faces is the need to cut transportation One of the highest variables of transportation is high fuel costs, as the price of fuel surcharges and in return, increases transportation costs for shippers.
  2. Implementing new technology and strategies – It has become increasingly difficult for the logistics industry to keep up with rapid developments and advancements in business processes. While the industry supports the many benefits technology can bring, they must find a cost-effective way to adopt and onboard new improvements.
  3. Economy and government regulations – High fuel costs lead to a greater credit crisis and heighten inflation within economies. The project cargo industry is pressured by increasing compliance regulations imposed by federal, state, and local authorities.
  4. Customer service – Today, customers want full transparency of where their delivery is at all times. With the increase of customer expectations comes the need for expedited shipping methods with reliable tracking information.

Global Shipping’s Solutions to Project Cargo

Global Shipping understands the problems the logistics industry faces and are experts at project cargo. Specializing in difficult and complicated projects, Global Shipping handles every aspect of your logistics and transportation needs. Our specific training in the project cargo industry allows us to harness the best technology to support every shipment and delivery. Our project department experts are trained in global compliance regulations to ensure seamless support to conquer global regulations. We strive to provide the best possible customer service, thriving under pressure, and always assuring dependable and efficient solutions to every transport problem.

Our team of experts has the experience, industry knowledge, and tools to transport your most challenging cargo. Even when your equipment is too large to fit within a standard shipping container’s dimensions, we find the solutions with ease. We are the trusted choice for large and high-value transportation projects too heavy or wide to transport with traditional methods.

Contact Global Shipping Today

Our strong professional relationships with major airlines and shipping lines allow Global Shipping to guarantee your project cargo gets to its destination using whatever method of transportation necessary. Our years of experience in the project cargo industry allows us to overcome and master any challenge you face. Contact Global Shipping Services today by filling out our online form or call us at (908) 543-7653 to discuss your project.

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