Global Shipping Services Delivers 10,000 Solar Panels to Manhattan

Aerial view of residential buildings in Manhattan covered with solar panels

Wait, How Many Solar Panels?

At Global Shipping Services, we ship what other freight forwarders can’t – including 10,000 solar panels to the largest private multifamily complex in New York City. This massive undertaking was recently executed by a team of logistics and delivery experts who ensured all equipment and necessary parts arrived on time and in great shape. The result was a happy client base reporting that Global Shipping operated with “100% accuracy and on-time performance”, highly exceeding their expectations. This significant, one-of-a-kind project reaffirmed Global Shipping Service’s ability to execute demanding tasks by coordinating the handling, warehousing, and delivery of approximately 10,000 solar panels to the complex’s 27,000 residents.

Why this Project Matters

Global Shipping New Jersey is proud to have been awarded this project for several reasons. The completion of this 10 million-dollar project highlights our team’s tenacity and ability to oversee the coordination of many moving parts (over 100,000 to be exact!) in warehouses and in freight transportation across the country. It also affirms our company’s mission to provide meaningful services to clients across the country and around the world.

By coordinating the shipment of 10,000 solar panels to 56 residential buildings on the East Side of Manhattan, over 27,000 residents now receive full power from the energy source’s 3.8 megawatts of power. The shipment and installation of the panels tripled Manhattan’s solar panel generation, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 63,000 tons. When 22 acres of rooftops scattered over 80 acres of land are covered with solar panels, good things happen – and Global Shipping Services is proud to be a part of this eco-friendly project.

Our team will continue to distribute any spare parts that may be needed for this project, and due to the accuracy, timeliness, and professionalism with which we’ve executed these tasks, we will continue to work on heavy-duty, complex projects for clients through 2021.

What Can Global Shipping Services Do for You?

A global economy relies on the delivery of goods, and Global Shipping Services is prepared to expertly meet your shipping needs. For over 10 years, we’ve been a leader in the shipping industry, providing clients with complete logistics solutions for domestic trucking and international air and ocean shipping. Whether you’re shipping 10,000 solar panels or two helicopters, you can rely on Global Shipping Services for skillfully planned, timely, and professional deliveries. Contact a shipping expert today to get your goods right where they need to be. 

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