The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge: Supporting Inclusion in the Industry

Team managing warehouse logistics in an on-site office

According to the research firm Gartner, women make up 55% of the workforce—and yet, they hold only 37% of jobs in the supply chain industry. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), an organization of logistics professionals based in the UK, is working to improve those nu mbers with their event, the Big Logistics Diversity Challenge.

This event will take place for the second time in June 2020 at Newark Showgrounds in Newark, UK. CILT designed the event to promote gender and background diversity in the logistics industry, encouraging teams of all kinds of people to compete in friendly logistics-themed challenges that test their ability to cooperate to solve problems. The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge will also feature speeches by industry leaders and opportunities for networking.

Inclusion on a Large and Small Scale

Logistics is all about managing the transportation of goods, information, technology, or raw materials from one place to another. The industry depends on millions of people in different countries, with different skills, doing their part to make sure an item arrives at its destination safely. Efficient shipping requires cooperation between all kinds of diverse entities—it only makes sense for that global spirit of unity to apply at the smaller company-wide level too.

Why Diversity Matters

Every individual deserves the chance to pursue their interests and use their knowledge and skills to lead productive, fulfilling lives. There are many women and people in other marginalized groups that could be very successful in logistics if they only had the opportunity—to deny them is a disservice to humanity as a whole.

Being inclusive isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s also advantageous economically. Studies have shown that improving diversity in the workforce increases innovation and productivity. Bringing different individuals with numerous viewpoints together increases the chances for new ideas to develop and drive positive change within an industry. More diverse businesses are also better able to attract and keep talent.

Encouraging more minority groups and women to engage in logistics careers can only improve the global supply chain. We look forward to following along with CILT as they make progress toward this goal in the next Big Logistics Diversity Challenge.

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