How to Ship Cargo Internationally

international shipping

International shipping has unique rules and regulations to ensure all imports and exports to countries around the world are safe, accounted for, and protected. There are various methods of international shipping, including ocean freight and air freight. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, including speed, cost, and safety for different containers.

Shipping containers across the globe may seem complex, but at Global Shipping, we make it easy for our customers. We offer a range of freight forwarding services worldwide and customize a solution to meet your needs. Global Shipping has the resources to ship your merchandise at a competitive rate when and where you need it. We’ll work with you to plan, coordinate, and execute your international cargo shipping, including air freight and ocean freight.

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Shipping to Mexico: Rules and Regulations

Shipping to Mexico

Mexico provides invaluable products and services to American businesses and manufacturers, but not every enterprise has a streamlined shipping system that works internationally. Like all international shipping, shipping to Mexico comes with a unique set of rules and regulations that help ensure all imports and exports are safe and accounted for.

When considering shipment to Mexico, it is vital to thoroughly explore three major shipment considerations: cost, regulation, and restriction.

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